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The Couffon Millhouse is also a great starting point for all your visits in Finistere (Roscoff, Brest, the Islands of Ushant and Batz, Locronan, the Pointe du Raz, Saint-Mathieu’s Abbey, the rocky forest of Huelgoat...).

50 km de Brest, nord finistère, entre Guisseny et Kerlouan

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2018 :

  • 8 avril : Trail de l'Aber Wrach
  • 24 juin : Marathon Transléonarde (arrivée à Guisseny)
  • 29-30 juin 1 juillet : Fest Bro Bagan à Guisseny
  • 22 juillet : Fête des Goemoniers à Plouneour-Trez
  • 15 août : Puces de mer à Kerlouan
  • 2 sept. : Pardon du Folgoët

Set on the wild coast of Pays Pagan, the millhouse is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and numerous sites of outstanding beauty.

Discover our historical and
architectural heritage :

Pointe Saint-Mathieu

- Meneham. A former coastguard barracks built by Vauban, this fishermen's village is surrounded by amazing rocks.

- Many manor houses and the Breton Renaissance castle of Kerjean.

- The lighthouses of Ile Vierge (the highest European stone-built lighthouse) and Pontusval.

- Religious monuments, signs of an ancient and rich tradition (the basilica of Le Folgoet, picturesque Breton churchyards, chapels, holy wells, crosses and calvaries).

- Archaeological sites (the standing stone of Men-Marz at Brignogan, the dolmen of Creach Guenou at Kerlouan, the Devil's bridge and Iliz koz at Plouguerneau, as well as the local history museum in Lesneven).

Discover our natural heritage :

Rochers de Kerlouan

- visit the amazing rocks of Kerlouan

- go bird watching in the natural reserve of Curnic and Tresseny bay

- see the Dunes of Keremma and the related exhibition in the Maison des Dunes.

- admire the Breton fjords (Aber Wrac'h, Aber Benoît, Aber Ildut).

- enjoy the many footpaths, both inland and along the coast.

If you are a sports enthusiast
you will be spoilt for choice :


- Hiking, cycling or horse-riding (the millhouse is located on the GR34 long distance footpath).

- Sailing, canoeing and kayaking, sand yachting, scuba-diving and snorkelling.

- Tennis, Swimming (at Lesneven Swimming Pool)...

Discover the local culture thanks to :

Pardon de Brendaouez

- the visits organised by our Tourist Information Centres.

- the traditional religious celebrations (Pardons) and other festivals, Fest Noz (traditional Breton dances)...

Le Moulin du Couffon - 29890 KERLOUAN - FRANCE
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